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Bus Advertising

What is bus advertising? The definition of bus advertising is advertising displays placed on the inside and outside of our buses, which include partial and full wraps.

Get bus advertising in the tourist popular Orlando market with a single bus advertising company. For businesses, government agencies and nonprofit organizations interested in resort & theme-park bus advertising, is a great way to reach the general public and tourist demographics.

Due to the great visibility and low ads costs to advertise on buses, statistics show that posting an ad on bus displays on the outside and inside of Orlando Bus ads buses, produces high impressions at a low CPM.

Advertising on bus media with Orlando Bus Ads bus wrap advertisement, is available in several formats, all of which are listed on this website.  Orlando Bus Ads advertisements options are available in the Orlando, Florida Area and we focus on the tourist rich environment which includes: I-Drive (International Drive), Lake Buena Vista, FL, Kissimmee, FL (192 corridor) with multiple stops at Universal Studios, Walkt Disney World Resort, and SeaWorld.  Orlando Bus Ads spend 14 hours or more on the road 7 days a week providing shuttle service to more than 30 local hotels.  Each year our buses have a ridership of more than 400,000 riders. We also have Coach buses which can wrapped for special events or conventions.   The cost of advertising with Orlando Bus Ads with bus signs and bus wrap cost is greatly reduced when compared to other ad formats, such as television, internet and radio. In fact, many researchers find that the advertising on buses cost for a bus poster is the least costly of all researched media formats.  Orlando Bus Ads can focus your business message directly to the consumer, we will create the perfect campaign for you, Contact us Today!

The Rates section, below, will answer the common-asked questions of How much are bus advertising prices and rates?

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Your Brand, Our Buses, Infinite Exposure!

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